Privacy policy

Welcome to the “Saudi Cloud Computing Society” website, which we will refer to later as “the site”. This part of the privacy document indicates our interest in the personal information that you may provide to us when you visit the “website”. This document is designed to help you understand how we obtain the personal information we receive from you, how it is used and protected. This document will be constantly updated in line with our new technologies and practices, as well as in line with the needs of our visitors.

Tacit consent

Your use of the site automatically means that you agree to our collection and use of your personal information according to the requirements of this document. Therefore, we reserve the right to make any change to this document and the subsequent change in its procedures at any time, without having to notify you in particular.

Collecting, using and storing customer information

When you visit the website, you provide us with two types of information; First: The personal information that you choose to disclose and that is collected for the purpose of participating in the site and for the reasons required by the laws and relevant authorities. Second: Information on the use of the website that is collected on a collective basis through your browsing of our website; You and others are with you, and this enables us to track how your visitor navigates through the sections of the site they are interested in. We collect information such as number of hits to the site, page visits, and duration of user sessions. This is similar to the movement report: it tracks the tendencies and behavior of individuals and members in general, but does not identify a specific individual. We also use this information to provide you with a better service and this helps to maintain our site useful by helping us know the information that our users seek.

Information sent to the site

All information or materials that are sent to us or that are provided to us through the site become the property of the association, provided that such information or materials do not violate or contain what is considered a violation of the laws and regulations in force. The association is not considered responsible for the confidentiality of this information or materials except in certain cases, including: the existence of an agreement with the association for non-disclosure of information or if this is required by prevailing laws and regulations, or through a judicial order or a related governmental body. Nevertheless, the association fully reserves its right to use and use all information and materials (for example: ideas, experiments, techniques) for any purposes and by any means. We would like to inform you that, to this day, there is no such thing as “full protection / complete safety” for Internet use, and therefore the user bears all risks and is fully responsible for sending any information or materials, or providing them to us through / over the use of the Internet.


The e-mails you send may not be secure unless we notify you that security precautions will be in place before you start sending your information. For this reason, we ask that you do not send confidential information to us through unsecured e-mail. On the other hand, if you choose to communicate with us by e-mail, we may retain the content of your e-mail with our response to it so that in the future we can effectively address any questions you have.

Disclosure of information

We may send information about visitors and subscribers to the site, along with traffic forms on the site and other information on the site, and to the extent permitted by relevant laws and legislation, to our partners or other well-known parties, but such information will not include data that identifies Personal, unless otherwise indicated in this privacy document. In addition, we may have to disclose any information if we are required to do so by law and in accordance with the regulations, meaning that the law requires disclosure, and / or if such disclosure would protect our legal rights.

Other internet sites linked to our site

We confirm through this document that we are not responsible for the practices of any other sites linked to our site, or the information contained in those practices. It is worth noting that interconnection with other sites often does not go beyond being indicators of information on topics that may be of interest to our users. And you must remember that when you move from our site to another site, you are not subject to or outside the scope of protection provided by this document. And then browsing and dealing with other sites becomes subject to the terms and conditions of those sites, including the sites that maintain a link with our site. Therefore, we hope that you read the terms and conditions of these sites before contacting them.

Children’s Use privacy

The website is not intended for children’s use, but rather it does not contain prior knowledge of any information or data intended for the use of children.

Illegal use

You are prohibited from using the site for any illegal, harmful, defamatory, obscene or threatening purpose.


Your access to this document and access to our website implies your implicit consent to absolve the association, founders, directors and all employees and agents, and not to hold any of them responsible for claims or compensation, and the attorneys’ fees associated with that, resulting in breach of this document or its misuse Or use of the site, and that also includes any breach or misuse of any of your employees or agents, if any.

Additional condition

All terms and conditions contained in any section of this website, or in any of the Society’s publications, are an integral part of this document.

applicable law

This privacy document is subject to the provisions of the laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is interpreted accordingly.


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